The Importance of Deportment

To be a model is not only a dream, it is a serious profession. Like any other profession it requires preparation, and for that reason Martina Models offers courses covering all aspects in the formation process to become a professional model with the latest techniques within this competitive industry.

  • Children Models Runway Models Photographic and Publicity Models Curvy Models Plus Size Models


  • Runway Posing The History of Fashion Makeup and Skin Care Styling Photography Protocol Nutrition Professional Balance


The catwalk converts into the optimal space to consolidate a certain style and at the same time rank the designs and maximize or enhance the various fashion items.

This course offers knowledge on how a model manages her body on the runway, developing his/her attitude posture and expression in the art of modelling.


Body Language at its high expressive potential is the key tool for working as a professional runway model.

We are in charge of introducing to the students their highest possible expressive potential and give them the tools which they can use beneficially such as in castings and in their daily lives with ease and without embarrassment and understand their bodies and learn the possibilities of how expression can be used.


The use of different techniques in makeup to help optimize the physical virtues of the model, and helping them also to achieve their best identity visually.

This course develops the practical tools of using make up and color. The objective is to combine the techniques for different types of faces, and help deliver the personality and style of each individual.


In the competitive world of fashion and models it is very important that the model has a unique style that is different from the rest.

This course develops the concept to create personal style utilizing the latest fashion tendencies so that each student can find their own personal style.


The knowledge of your own body and face and how to manage oneself on the front of the camera. Posing and how to pose differently for different shots, and how to take advantage of their personal image and style.

This course focuses on the role of the model in front of the camera. Experimentation by practice, the students develops the basic criteria and knowledge of how to pose.

Finally this course will develop the students capacity to be able to pose for the aim to sell products commercially for a photographic production house.


The fashion industry requires the professional models to have the ability to manage their physical and mental being.

The goal of course being that the model will able to use their body expression to their benefit in any type of modelling assignments.

In this course the students learn how to control the stability of their bodies physically. and mentally and the importantance of taking care of oneself via basic eating and sleeping habits.