Created by two enterprising young women and with great force and desire to improve every single day. In order to capture the professionalism that once existed in this industry they created the base of their business this agency.

Martina Models International Agency is an extensive team of professionals in the fashion industry that wants to transform the actual concept of being the first agency that is innovative, revolutionary and original.

We are an agency and school within the national and international markets, organizers of Runway shows and other types of promotional events.

We try to innovate in order to surprise the public – always creating something different and special.

For us, image and knowledge is the most important. We educate and form our models to be the most professional they can be for the fashion industry.

We advise our clients to optimize their resources for effective management depending on their demands.

We create unique projects for each client.

We covert ideas into well developed projects and finally Vanguard Shows which differentiates us from the rest, we don’t like being conventional.

We are an team of people with whom collaborate on the bases of ideas, co ordination and with the desire to excel.